The Help

24 September 2015

Source Dreamworks

I am not completely confident that I can express how much I loved this film, but I am going to give it my best shot.

I originally wanted to hold off watching this until I have read the book, which is in my ever growing pile of unread books and I buy quicker than I can read, and when it came to picking my Netflix choice for this week, it just jumped out at me.

And I am so glad it did.

The story develop beautifully and I was thoroughly engrossed from start to finish. An emotional scene happens around half way through that comes at you completely unexpectedly; this is where my tears started and pretty much didn't stop until the end of the film. But by no means if the film heavy. It tackles an intense subject head on, but doesn't feel too intense to watch and I would happily sit through the film again without needed a glass of wine at the end.

Viola Davis is perfect, Octavia Spencer is perfect, Emma Stone is (obviously) perfect and the three women together are the tour de force of the film.

The only bit that jars for me is when the break-up happens (you will know what I mean when you see the film). It felt a little bit unbelievable and kind-of out of nowhere.

Now we have my little, and only, criticism out of the way, I just really, really enjoyed the film and truly believe it is a worthwhile watch.

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