25 January 2017

Six Beauty and the Beast Things For Your Home 🌹

Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favourite Disney film. Big statement. Every time I have a wobble with what my favourite is, and I do, I end up watching Beauty and the Beast and I am completely secure in my decision from the second that I hear the opening few seconds.

Now, we all know that in March the very beautiful Emma Watson is going to take on Belle. I definitely have my reservations about what they are going to do when changing my most-beloved Disney film and making it live action, but I am trying to put my reservations to the side and get excited.

And what better way to get excited than to cover my house in Beauty and the Beast themed items?!

1 Pillow, ArtPopTart on Etsy | 2 Beauty and the Beast Candle, PretAGeek on Etsy | 3 Cursed Rose Print, InksitPrints on Etsy | 4 Be Our Guest Print, LimitationFree on Etsy | 5 Chip Mug BeOurGuestGifts on Etsy | 6 Rug, Electra on Society6 |

I must admit, it was very hard narrowing this list down to six items. With websites such as Etsy, Redbubble and Society6, you can get an absolute wealth of classy Disney themed products. This post was curated by myself just as a few ideas to add a touch of Disney magic to your home (it was also so I can make a list for payday).

There is also the recent release of the Big Sleeve edition of the Disney DVD that comes with 12 new artworks that I really REALLY want. It is about the size of a vinyl record, comes with 12 artworks and three DVDs and is just gorgeous.

But without me going on forever, have you seen any Disney themed products out there that you just have to have? x

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  1. Not going to lie - I need them all! For now I'm settling on candles and bookmarks and the occasional bag. William & Joseph have a gorgeous Be Our Guest candle that smells like pie :O

    Also, I may have just ordered a PretAGeek candle.


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