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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's also the time of the year that people get reflective about time that has passed. Without getting too philosophical or emotional, I want to look back over my favourites of the year.

So before I divulge into all the soppy things that have made me happy, or the things outside my control that have made me incredibly angry this year, here are my favourites of 2016! Just as a disclaimer, I would like to say that I found this post pretty hard to write, favourites are definitely subjective to moods and I agonised over what to put for each category, but I have got down on the defence and gone with...


Pretty easy choice actually, I adored Uprooted! 


Definitely not as easy! I have definitely not seen as many films as usual this year, there are so many that I still have on my list to see. However, I think the crown of favourite film that I actually made it to the cinema to see goes to... Ghostbusters! 


I agree with Radio 1, that 2016 definitely seems to be the year of the 1975, I also got Adele tickets this year that I am very excited about. However, this is my little corner of the internet, and I would like my little corner of the internet to say that my favourite music of 2016 goes to Francis and the Lights. I am full-scale obsessed with their album, particularly Friends featuring Bon Iver who is a God.

Skin care

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. Skin care favourite is definitely on the easier side to commit to, and while there are many great products out there, I have really problem skin that is tight and cracked and nothing works quite the same on my face as Clinique. Guess I am paying for expensive moisturiser for the rest of my life!

Make up

2016 seems to be the year of liquid lipstick, it is everywhere! I must admit though, I am actually not that much of a fan so I am going to hand my makeup favourite over to Body Shop, and their Lip & Cheek stain. I love it, it glides onto your cheeks and blends, and you can build the colour up when using it on your lips. My current go to colour is Dusty Rose but I will branching out through as many as possible in 2017!

Thing for the house

The new fire. Moving into my boyfriend's Gran's house, it can be hard to make it feel like our house, instead of staying in someone elses house. The fire really changes the look of the living room and I love switching it on every day. (It's this one from Dunelm).


My table. Which I still haven't done a post about yet! Sorry that it has taken this long but it actually isn't even up in the new house yet! There's my first task for 2017!

What are your favourites? x