22 July 2016

Bruges Gin Club

Bruges, Belgium
By now, you will probably have seen my intial photo diary of Bruges, if not, do go and look, I take no credit for the photography, I give all the credit to Bruges and how beautiful the city already is.

But I digress, this post is all about a little bar tucked down by the Koningin Astridpark that is both unassuming and incredibly inviting, I give you Bruges Gin Club. I am a big gin lover, so did not need much convincing (NB I have to give my boyfriend all the credit for finding this place by the way), and in we went at 6.05pm (it opened at 6pm).

The atmosphere manages to hit a lovely spot between feeling like you are in a swanky bar, but with non of the pretensions. As we got there first, we had Edward's undivided attention who was happy to chat about gin, where we were from, our University (it turns out we both went to Lancaster - small world!) and upon his recommendation, I took my first sip of Belgian gin.

It was potentially the best gin of my entire life.

20 July 2016


After watching Ghostbusters with my boyfriend, I came out of the cinema on a high, running around singing 'Bustin makes me feel good' with little care of what anyone else thought.

I was prepared to enjoy the film, I was prepared to laugh out loud at these incredibly funny women on screen, I was prepared, as a Ghosbusters nerd, to enjoy all the throwbacks to the original.

What I wasn't prepared for was the incredible emotional response I had to the film.

And it felt great.

It felt so good.

17 July 2016

Dear (Photo) Diary: Bruges

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges is hands down one of my favourite places I have ever been. So here is my photo diary, and there will be no doubt separate posts following about my favourite things we got up to there.



14 July 2016

15 Things I Have Learnt Since Getting A Puppy

1. You will not sleep much. 2. There is a lot of cleaning up. 3. You will get outside more than you ever did before. Even if it was a lot.4. It takes a village. Parents, siblings, friends... they will all help out occasionally.5. They give the best hugs.6. Suddenly you don't want to go out as much...7. ... and want to plan your weekend around where you can take your puppy.

13 July 2016


My name is Lucy and I am a worrier.

I find it hard not to think of all the things that can potentially go wrong in a situation. However, it is with conviction that I say I do not want to live my life like this any longer. I want to take risks, live and just know that whatever happens, I always and constantly do my best. 

So with this picture of an Urban Outfitters pillow I say, from now on I am aiming for good vibes only. 

Things that I am going to employ to stop me worrying: 

2. Journaling each night. 

3. Voice my fears. 

4. Watch a good cry film.

5. Realise that no matter what, it will be ok. 

What are your ways to stop worrying? 

7 July 2016


I guess I can be described as somewhat of an 'urban hippy,' I devour anything mindful and am constantly researching and finding ways to try and live a mindful, zen life. A resource I absolutely love is Your Zen Life by beautiful (inside and out) actress Teresa Palmer.

While I could dedicate a whole post to how much I love the blog, this post specifically is about something I have used for a little while now, and continue to use as often as I can.
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