29 May 2016

Five Ways To Bring Nature Inside

Take one look and my blog, and it won't take you long to figure out that I absolutely love flowers and being in nature. I believe that it has a purifying quality that is unlike anything that can be created by man. There is also nothing that helps you to realise that the anxieties and stresses you are having in your life may not be as important as you think they are, that a deep breath in clean air may just be the tonic you need.

And so when designing my future home, bringing nature inside the house is incredibly important to me. To being in that peace of mine that you want a home to have.

So here are my five top ways to bring nature inside.

1. The humble vase. 

27 May 2016

Turning Twenty Six

Twenty six is not a pivotal age for most people, it's not twenty one which is adulthood (supposedly), it's not twenty five which is a quarter century, and it's not thirty which actually begins to feel like it should be real adulthood.

However twenty six for me seems to hold way more gravitas than twenty five ever did. It has tipped the scales to mean that I am not officially closer to thirty than twenty, and more than than, when I was younger by twenty six I was going to be already married and potentially with my first child. And while that doesn't feel too far off for me, it has also made me evaluate my life to see where I am.

There are some incredibly things about twenty six, then there are some other things that make me want to run for the hills and never look back.

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