9 April 2016

Dear Diary: Barcelona

It has been just over a week since I returned from Barcelona, and probably about time I shared what I had been up to. I absolutely fell head over heals with parts of Barcelona, Gaudi is potentially my new favourite person and I ate the potentially the best gelato ever. There were so many highlights packed into my three say trip, the Sagrada Familia, the harbour, the beach, but I have narrowed down my five favourite things about Barclona which are;

3 April 2016

But First, Coffee(?!)

Cafés El Magnífico, Barcelona

I love tea. I would go as far as to say that I could not live with out tea. Recently though, I have really been getting into my coffee. Caffeine and myself haven't always seen eye to eye, it can give me headaches and make me shakey, however, recently one cup of really good coffee seems to be my vice. I think it may have started with my (fairly) new job at a hotel and learning to make proper coffees, lattes in particular.

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