26 March 2016

Quote Of The Day.

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23 March 2016

10 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut.

Social media is a blessing and a curse, like the next person, I love a good selfie or picture of food however it can evoke a certain amount of jealousy when others' lives seem to be all beaches and cocktails and you seem to be struggling to find anything to post.

One of the best quotes I have ever ready is "Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with others' highlight reel."

However one quote isn't going to get you out of a bit of a rut, so here are 10 small was to try and shake things up in the smallest of ways, to encourage you to take on the big stuff.


1. Go For A Walk.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, if you feel yourself getting a bit stuck, get out. Get out of where you currently are and just walk, let your thoughts go wild, take a deep breath and when you return, try and have a new perspective on things.

2. Get Into Nature.

At the first possible opportunity, get away from the city and into nature. Nature has so many healing properties not only physically, but mentally too. Greenery, for me particularly, calms me and helps me to put everything into perspective.

3. Clear Your Mind. 

Meditate. I was sceptical of this the first time I ever did it, but I took it seriously and used one of my favourite blogs, Your Zen Life and a video by Teresa Palmer and suddenly felt energised.


4. Let It All Out.

Talk to someone. A friend, a partner, a parent, even a stranger. There is always someone to speak to and sometimes just admitting out loud how much you are in a rut or how you feel can do a world of good,

5. Work Your Body.

Exercise. Love it or hate it, it is good for you both mentally and physically. Try and find something you enjoy and by no means think you have to stay to the original workout in a gym.

6. Have A Wallow.

Sometimes it is best to just give in. Allow yourself an evening and a glass of wine to just sit there and really feel what you are feeling.

7. Love Yourself.

Don't criticise yourself, start making a list of all your best qualities and really start to appreciate all the special, unique, different things about yourself.

8. Pamper Yourself.

This ties in easily with 7, so you could do them together! Treat your body, whether that be a new body lotion that feels like silk on your skin, some new bath oils, or really spending the time to give yourself a mani/pedi, spending time on yourself can help ease your mind.

9. Do Something For Others.

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself and to get you out of a rut is to help others. To paraphrase Friends, there is no selfless good deed, and that is because good deeds, in turn, make you feel so good about yourself.

10. Get Productive.

Do something that makes you feel like you have achieved, whether that is any of the above points, applying for a new job or simply writing a blog post for your blog (can you feel the personal link there?!), do something that makes you want to do something else and before you know it, a domino effect is in place.

What do you do to get out of a rut? x

20 March 2016

Spring Clean

The sun is out today and it seems that spring may be finally upon us; the nights are staying lighter, we can begin removing scarves and maybe even grabbing sunglasses, even if it's only for driving!

So with spring comes what?

The spring clean of course!

I can be a somewhat messy person, I am guilty of getting home after a long day and leaving my clothes next to my bed, ready to be picked up in the morning. However, I also get a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning when I have the time. Couple this with the fact that I now life with a boy, I feel like this year's spring clean is going to be a big one.

So with that, here is my current to-do-list and tips on how to spring clean:

18 March 2016

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

EllieEllieLTD via Etsy

I am a relatively healthy human being. I try to eat right, but do have the occasional cake or takeaway, I exercise when I feel like I can and I try to eat as much of the right things as possible.

At least, that is what I tell myself.

Recently I have put on about a stone, and it seems that it has crept on pretty much out of nowhere. I make excuses saying that shift work doesn't help, or I work when I used to do (my absolute favourite) spinning classes but really, I am just saying that I do not want to find the time to exercise.

So here is my promise: I promise to give up making excuses.

14 March 2016

Wedding Envy: Churnet Valley Railway

Unique wedding venues are kind of my thing. I love seeing venues that are something slightly different, and that is exactly what has happened when coming across Churnet Valley Railyway. The vintage feel, coupled with something a bit Harry Potter-esque means that this venue really is a brilliant opportunity to get some absolutely beautiful photos, as well as appeal to my inner geek.

I also love a venue that has an identity, you can really feel the wedding potential of this venue and the kinds of brides that would be drawn to it.

So if you're feeling vintage, like you want to potentially wear and cloak and have a wand, or you just think that the scenery is as beautiful as I do, then maybe Churnet Valley Railway could be the venue for you!

2 March 2016

Hello There & Sarah Seven.

First of all, the biggest apology from me for going missing for the last two months. I started a new job and a new relationship so as far as balancing everything goes, it's taken a while to get sorted.

As it is my first post in a while, I am going to write about something I love that I haven't had chance to yet; Sarah Seven dresses. This post is has been sparked partly from the fact that I was lucky enough to go to Love Bridal Boutique in Altrincham and see these dresses in real life, and let me say, they do not let you down.

So here is basically my love letter to Sarah Seven.

The Sarah Seven bride "has an urban inclination, but is whimsical at heart; The Sarah Seven girl seeks out beauty, loves love and drinks champagne with abandon."

The whimsical style definitely lends itself to a barn-type wedding, just look below and imagine the wicker chairs, mason jars, desert tables and fairy lights. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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