25 November 2015

Belated Tuesday Trend Watch: Fairground Lighting

First of all, sorry for the delay! It's been a busy week this week, I went to Chatsworth Christmas Market (<3) and got a job! I am excited to tell you all about this over the next few weeks but for now it's all under wraps.

So onto Tuesday Trend. Lighting seems to be getting more and more important, and a giant trend within this is fairground lighting. It can really elevate your day, particularly your dance floor!

Source The Word is Love

Source Vintage Marquee Lights                    Source Euroart 

17 November 2015

Tuesday Trend Watch: Naked Cakes

Let's talk about cake, baby!

Naked cakes are all over Pinterest and they're making appearances at almost every wedding fayre. They have been a bit hit in 2015, and are proving to be going no where for 2016! Naked cakes have a very rustic feel, meaning that the decoration tends to be of the fruit and real flower variety, as opposed to any sugar work, and the cakes tend to be a beige sponge and a flavoured filling. They compliment wooden or rustic decor beautifully.

Would you give your cake a serious make under?

Source Southern Weddings                    Source Better of Wed

16 November 2015

Colshaw Hall Wedding Venue #CheshireVenues

Happy Monday!

Yesterday was Colshaw Hall's winter wedding fayre. I had never been to Colshaw Hall and I was really impressed! One thing to note though, if you do pick Colshaw Hall, the only caterers you can use are Barretts, who are great but there is no flexibility.

The small ceremony room was my favourite part of the venue, barn-like and very light and airy, you would get some great photos to keep forever.

Over in the main house is the reception area, which is also beautiful, but a bit darker and relies more heavily on lighting, so this depends on your taste.

The venue would suit a bride who is looking for a barn-feel, but something a bit more traditionally glamorous over the rustic feel.

11 November 2015

Perfect Strangers Project

Hey there stranger!

Oh Comely! magazine has started up a project which sees strangers from around the world send each other a package. Sounds cute right? Once the packages have been sent, participants are encouraged to share their presents on Instagram as well as becoming potential friends with whoever sent the package.

If you are struggling for what you would pack, here are some ideas:

A Travel Box 

You could fill the box with little gifts themed all around travel, encouraging your perfect stranger to go on all the journeys they have been putting off.

10 November 2015

Tuesday Trend Watch: Long Reception Tables

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today's trend in long reception tables! I really, reeeeeeeeally like these. They lend themselves to family style cooking which is another one of my favourites, just put lots of food down the middle of the table and force people to interact and begin a conversation!

Admittedly, these are dependent on whether your venue can accommodate them, but if they can, they are a really fun modern way to seat all your guests. They can also be adapted a number of ways, for your venue and the number of guests; scroll down to the last photo to see a way to make it lovely for even the most intimate of weddings.

Source Studio Impressions Photography via Style Me Pretty

9 November 2015

Bonfire Night 2015

I absolutely love Bonfire Night, it has to be one of my favourite nights of the year. Fireworks, hot chocolate and the feeling that Christmas is coming leaves me more excited that ever. This year, one of my best friends and myself went to Betley Bonfire. Although it was incredibly busy and, due to rain and mud, it took us an hour to get off the car park I had a really magical evening and love it as much as ever.

Monday Smiles

Week 10! Time really does go quickly doesn't it? We are now getting into November which means I am incredibly excited for all that Autumn has to offer! Here are the seven things that have made me smile this week.

Source AlgisCrafts on Etsy

3 November 2015

Tuesday Trend Watch: Balloons

Flowers have always take centre stage at weddings, and with good reason. They look stunning, bring nature indoors and traditionally form wishes of love and well-being to everyone in attendance. However, for the more non traditional bride, a new trend that we are seeing more and more of is making a feature out of balloons and while it may not be for everyone, my engaged sister is petrified of them, they can look really beautiful and create a really fun atmosphere.

Bubblegum Balloons on Notonthehighstreet is one of my favourite places to get wedding balloons, the giant balloons look amazing, just pop you and your groom in front of them for a photo to keep in pride of place forever. Just keep any terrified guests away.

2 November 2015

Monday Smiles


I've officially been back in the North for a week now, and after a week of relaxing and catching up, it's time for me to get productive, and what better way to begin that with my Monday Smiles. 

1. Waking up in my home.

2. Putting up some wallpaper.

3. Buying new bedding.

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