30 September 2015

Alternative Engagement Rings

For me, an engagement ring is something incredibly personal, and I would never tell someone what they should have. However, if you are open to new ideas and feel that the traditional diamond ring isn't for you (which is how I feel), here are some examples of alternative engagement rings that are incredibly beautiful, yet a little bit less traditional.

My personal favourite: the rough-cut diamond.

Something about a diamond that isn't polished I find really appealing. To me, it becomes a symbol for life, that the most beautiful things are often the least perfect and individual and unique.

Source Etsy

29 September 2015

An Elephant Birthday Party

Woburn Safari Park reached a milestone last week. Tarli, their baby elephant, turned one! I had no idea of any of this before I arrived, but it was the best surprise ever. There was cake, footballs, hay, and a very happy little elephant.

It has also inspired me to work towards a month's trip to Cambodia to volunteer at an elephant conservation park. If anyone has done this, I would love some advice/tips on how best to be of help and make the most of my time there. So definitely stay tuned for my plans!

28 September 2015

Monday Smiles Week 5

It's been a busy one for me, how has your week been? This week has been a week of pretty huge changes and a very exciting weekend. My Monday smiles are:

1. Handing my notice in at work

2. Deciding to move home

3. Getting great reactions when telling people I have decided to move home

24 September 2015

The Help

Source Dreamworks

I am not completely confident that I can express how much I loved this film, but I am going to give it my best shot.

I originally wanted to hold off watching this until I have read the book, which is in my ever growing pile of unread books and I buy quicker than I can read, and when it came to picking my Netflix choice for this week, it just jumped out at me.

And I am so glad it did.

The story develop beautifully and I was thoroughly engrossed from start to finish. An emotional scene happens around half way through that comes at you completely unexpectedly; this is where my tears started and pretty much didn't stop until the end of the film. But by no means if the film heavy. It tackles an intense subject head on, but doesn't feel too intense to watch and I would happily sit through the film again without needed a glass of wine at the end.

Viola Davis is perfect, Octavia Spencer is perfect, Emma Stone is (obviously) perfect and the three women together are the tour de force of the film.

23 September 2015

Inspired By Autumn

Happy first day of autumn 2015 everyone!

Personally, autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I absolutely relish in getting my jumpers out of the cupboard, finding scarfs I had forgotten I had bought and drinking hot chocolate (particularly awaiting Costa's Black Forrest Hot Chocolate).

I also love an autumn wedding.

I know people may say that you are at the end of wedding season, that people are tired of travelling, tired of cake (I know, who are these people?!), but I just don't agree. Autumn weddings are some of my favourites, my parents got married in autumn and I am not saying it's the key to a happy marriage or anything, but I am saying that they are still together 37 years later.

Here are my favourite ideas for an autumn wedding

The colour palette is perhaps one of my favourite things about autumn. If you have seen any pictures of me recently, you will see I am rocking a very autumnal hair colour and love it. The earthy warm browns give a really warm feeling and if I am anywhere with outdoor warming, particularly a fire pit, then I am very happy. They also happen to look great with white so you will stand out beautifully as the bride.

Source: Etsy

22 September 2015

Belated Monday Smiles - Week 4

Well first off, I would like to apologise for this post being a day late, however I have been quite ill over the last couple of days so please go easy on me. So with that in mind, here are my seven smiles.

1. Something exciting happening at work

2. Attending an album launch

3. Waiting to tell my family the exciting news in person

16 September 2015

Monsters University

Source Disney Pixar

This is a really fun post for me to write. I am a huge fan of Pixar, have watched almost all of their films, as well as the shorts, but I just didn't make it to the cinema to see Monsters University.

Before we even start, let me just say Monsters Inc is big shoes to fill. One of my favourite, and most sentimental of the Pixar films and if I was forced to sum up Monsters University now, I must admit the film didn't quite fill them.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy it by any stretch, the story was interesting, hilarious, funny, tender, all the things you expect from Pixar, and I sincerely enjoyed learning the back story to Mike and Sully's friendship, as well as meeting the new monsters who were nothing short of adorable.

The end gave me real jeopardy and I really cared about the outcome of the film, which I obviously will not spoil for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Graphically, the film is absolutely stunning with many scenes in the films feeling as close to real as possible. The set designers have also done a great job, creating a university reminiscent of Harvard (or what I know of Harvard, being a Brit) that makes you jealous you will never get the opportunity to attend. Attention to detail is something that I always marvel at in Pixar films of which Monsters University does not disappoint.

What Monsters University did disappoint on for me; it didn't make me cry.

15 September 2015

Something Blue

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue, 
And a lucky sixpence in your shoe.

Whilst brides are getting seemingly more and more adventurous with what they do on their big day, it seems tradition may not be that far away after all. The rhyme above is still believed by a majority of brides to be important on their wedding day, however the way that the rhyme is implimented is what brides are having a lot of fun with.

I will be doing a blog post on each line of the rhyme, but I thought I would tentatively break tradition myself by doing it in the wrong order and start with the one that is, perhaps, the best know.

Please see below for my favourite ideas of exciting ways to incorporate blue into your big day!

Source: Unknown via Pinterest

14 September 2015

Monday Smiles - Week 3

So with a relatively quiet week, and a relatively quiet weekend, I feel like the last week has allowed me to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Here are the things that have made me happy this week.

1. New black jeans

2. Beginning to put a plan into action

3. A day of nice weather

10 September 2015

The Last Month

Source: Simply Hued
A lot can happen in a month. It took me around four days to move to London around year ago. I had fallen out of love with my job and wondered if I could survive in the capital city. Turns out I can. It took me a lot longer to settle in than I had preempted. For anyone wanting to move to London, I would say give it a full year before you make any judgement on how settled you feel and be prepared for it to take that long.

The last month some things have changed for me, some realisations have hit me like a punch in the face.

After being in London for for around 15 months now, it is time for some reflection. I have had some of the best days of my life here, but one thing remains the same. My family aren't here. And I am currently unsure if I can be happy anywhere that my family aren't. I used to fight against this, that my family would always be there and I could travel and that would be enough, but it isn't. It isn't enough for me to have my family a 3 hour journey away. It isn't enough for me to go home and realise that they have new in-jokes that I don't understand. It isn't enough for me that my sister is getting married and I feel like I am missing out on the planning (and being as passionate about weddings as I am, this is a BIG deal).

But do you know what the most surprising thing I have found?

9 September 2015


Source Netflix

Netflix is getting a, deserved, reputation for producing incredibly addictive content that is particularly suited to binge viewing. The first season of Orange is the New Black is possibly one of the greatest TV shows of our generation. Yes, I said it. Then there are stronger and weaker episodes but overall it is still incredible. Anyway enough about that, this post is to talk about the show splitting opinion, Sense8. 

Eight strangers from cities around the globe begin having experiences that defy expectation.

If ever a summary didn't sum up a show, this is it. Sense8 builds throughout the series a very intricate web of storylines explaining how these eight individuals are linked and can experience what the others experience. Not a great synopsis from me either. Basically what I am trying to say is to truly understand the show, you need to watch it.
Let's quickly talk about the first four episodes.

Sorry Netflix, I love you and I love Sense8, but the first four episodes are not good. They are confusing and immediately draw you into a far-fetched world for which it is hard to feel empathy.

Enough of that, let's talk about five onwards.

8 September 2015

White - Not Just for the Bride

Gone are the days when white is reserved only for the bride. However, even today white bridesmaids dresses seem to completely divide opinion. I definitely know which side I fall on! I think that, done in the right way, they can be absolutely beautiful and depending on the wedding dress I end up choosing, they will definitely be a consideration for my big day.

My tips for picking the perfect white bridesmaids dresses are as follows:

1. Have different textures.
Source: Grace Loves Lace

7 September 2015

Monday Smiles Week 2

So this week I got to do some pretty amazing things. One of my best friends came to visit me in London, I went to see Mr Cumberbatch in Hamlet, which was incredible, and a boozy brunch led to a hilarious x-rated conversation. Below are my seven smiles of the week!

1. The perfect cup of tea

2. Getting to Friday

3. Cookies

6 September 2015

Sunday Funday: Brunch at B&H Buildings

4 September 2015


Image: Bobbi Brown

After my last post concerning my Bobbi Brown makeup lesson, I realised I mostly talked about the experience, so this post is going to share some tips and tricks that I have learnt.


The process of lining your eye under the lashes. This is one of the things I found made the most difference to my face, it really shaped my eyes and gave me the look I wanted. It also was something that I knew I could do at home.

1 September 2015



As I plan my sister and best friend's blog (two separate weddings, although they would be great together), I am going to create a hub of ideas and tales of what it's like to plan a wedding for two of the most important people in your life.

Please send in ideas and comment! x
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