31 August 2015

Monday Smiles - Week 1

So, as I said in "You've Dropped Your Smile", each week I am going to do seven things (one per day) that make me happy, just to remind myself that little smiles are all that are really important.

1. Tea

2. Starting my new blog

3. Travelling home to my family

29 August 2015

In Defense of My Face

There are things about my face that I am really not keen on. I wouldn't say hate because I don't want to deal in that much negativity. But there are definitely things that I have had to grow to be comfortable with.

I have incredibly hooded lids so eyeliner prints, my mouth curls down at the corner giving me, yep you guessed it, bitchy resting face and my eyelashes are straight and stubborn little buggers against curling.

Now we've got my moaning out of the way, shall we get on to what this article is actually about?

I went for a free(!) Bobby Brown make-up lesson and was given a complete stranger's perspective of my face that has shaken all that I have known for the past twenty five years.

The make-up artist explained my eyelids give a good line to put eye shadow on and should be appreciated, she said that my eye shape was a beautiful almond and should be enhanced and that they were a green, the rarest colour, and so I should celebrate them!

28 August 2015

Getting Out of London

It's no secret that getting out of London is good for you. The fast pace, intense environment does get overwhelming pretty quickly. I was speaking to a friend the other day who said when she first came over, she was determined not to lose her LA cool. She lost it in a month.

I have been out of London recently (I promise I will write my Edinburgh round up soon!), but there's nothing quite like going home, back to mum and dad's house where I will be cooked for. Also SUNDAY DINNER.

26 August 2015

Love, Rosie

Image: Lionsgate
Netflix can be a minefield. When you don't know what you feel like watching, the constant scroll down different categories seems like it can lest forever, or until you get frustrated enough that you either turn the TV off or watch an old favourite. I am going to attempt to help. The Netflix section of my blog is going to be reviews of TV and films on Netflix in the hopes of giving you something good to watch.

First up: Love, Rosie.

As teens, these lifelong soulmates go their separate ways. But will time apart undo the ties that bind them together?

25 August 2015

"You've Dropped Your Smile"

Yesterday I was crossing the road at a set of traffic lights, heading into Pret to get my boss a coffee, when a cyclists remarks "Excuse me, you've dropped... your smile." Being the cool human being I am, I looked around the floor before it properly sunk in what had been said. When it did sink it, I found myself not only cracking a smile, but letting out a small laugh.

And it got me thinking. I have dropped my smile.

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